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Old 11th June 2006
Here for the gear

Thanks for the update 1.5 info, Ruudman. I did download (not installed yet, as I'm only on disc 6 for samples install) the 1.4 & 1.5 zip files. Can I go directly to 1.5 or should I do 1.4 then 1.5 updates?

I believe that should take care of all questions, but who knows...I still have to install the actual program. Just so you know, I did email Toontrack yesterday, but being Saturday they emailed that they would get back to me. Not knowing when they'd get back, I thought that I'd go ahead and try this on Sunday while I had some time.

I thank you again for your assistance.

Let me know as to whether the 1.5 update is cumulative and then I won't bother with the 1.4 update.