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Old 11th June 2006
Here for the gear

Thanks Dave,

I've begun the install process & yes I've decided to put the samples (Folder called Superior - on each of the DVD's) onto my Sample drive which has space for about 246 GB.

I'm assuming that when I'm done copying all of the samples to my E: samples drive...I then go back to the install disk (DVD #1) and then put the basic program into my Steinberb/Cubase/VST plugin folder.

(trying to do the install at the same time as checking these posts so I don't screw this up.)

I'm up to disc 2 and it seems strange to just place each DVD's Superior file overtop of each previous disc install, but I guess that that's correct. It keeps saying that "there is already a file of the same name and if there is a file with the same name it will be overwritten". But, I'm assuming that each DVD's Superior file does not have the same files within it, sooooo. I guess I'm okay.

Let me know if I've got the above correct.

And if I can ask 1 more question...regarding the ram load or cache load. I've got 2 GB of RAM and I'll be using a few VST's (Piano/Bass) and some Waves plugs. Mostly it's singer/songwriter styles. Any suggestions as to whether I'd be better with the Ram Load or Cache Load.

Thanks again, for your assistance.