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I hear stuff I've mixed on the radio and its lost so much dynamic range its just not fun to listen to. The problem is I'm not sure how to respond: Leave more dynamic range in the final to fight back, or slam the 2bus so that at least I know the material will sound like after being decimated by limiting. Any suggestions? Both?
Make it sound open and clear and with good transients and with a level more like a K-14 or even lower and it will sound best on the radio. In general, leave the dynamics IN because the radio processing was designed to work well with normal material and gives up on hypercompressed and clipped material. This has been demonstrated a number of times, quite objectively. On Glenn Meadows' Webboard, Tardon Feathered of Toad's place started a thread called "What Is Hot". And all the mastering engineers produced various masters of the same source. They varied from great-sounding to totally distorted and smashed.

Then he took a half a dozen examples of all the masters AND the original mix and passed them through the Orban set to typical aggressive FM settings. Guess what the winner was?