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Old 11th June 2006
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API 512c on Vox?

I'm looking at buying a 512c with a 550b used in a lunchbox to get into higher end pre's and API-500. This will be used on acoustic guitar and vocals more than anything. Is this going to be a good choice? I know this is very subjective... I'm just wondering generally what people's feelings are about this. How valuable have you found the 550b to be also for these purposes?

I haven't used any good eq's(or pre's really) before and am really looking for someone who knows more and has used these to tell if this is going to be a good start for me. I don't want to invest in something like an RNP and wishing I'd just spent the extra because it's not that much of an improvement. I also like the idea of being able to add more pre's for less.