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Hi Arthur, nice one for replying like that.

Just listening back myself I hear Nathrak has some overloud, piercing percussive sound from 5:10-6:30 (ouch!). Sorry, didn't realise before how badly mixed that was. I should have used the quieter, more ambient, version of that piece for our little test, as it's a bit easier on the ears:

But yeah, funny how we come away with different sonic impressions.

Originally Posted by Arthur Stone View Post
Is it possible for you to use Audacity's frequency analysis on the original source mp3 as a benchmark? From those figures we could see how Soundcloud and Bandcamp processing affects the audio.
The d50ne file is clean and hopefully isn't as painful to listen to as Nathrak. Both the BC and SC files are the same WAV source-file. I've just uploaded the original WAV now to MediaFire just in case BC or SC alter the file in any way if you download from them.

I don't know anything about frequency analysis (as you can probably tell from my audio, haha!), and I don't have the Audacity software anyway. But if you or anyone else wants to compare the original WAV of d50ne and the Bandcamp and Soundcloud uploads of that same WAV then all the links are here:

d50ne original WAV
d50ne Bandcamp
d50ne Soundcloud

I guess MP3 uploads will vary considerably depending on bit-rates, so this WAV-test is probably the most accurate way to test differences. The most useful test would be to not download the BC or SC files, but to analyse how they sound when the player is playing them, then to compare that with how the original WAV file sounds when you play it in a neutral-sounding media player.

A much better file for this kind of test would be a well-produced EDM clip with some vocals. If anyone wants to offer such a file in a similar way to how I've split d50ne then do join the thread (or maybe even make a new thread, as we've derailed the original intention here slightly).