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Thanks, I need to do this myself. I just wonder whether Option 3 is still not better than Option 5 assuming you don't use the cap coupling at the floating end technique and/or know which unit would have the most robust chassis ground. If using Option 3, ie leaving the shield unconnected at both ends, the shield would still block some noise wouldn't it, and you also wouldn't be connecting the shield into the audio signal path. But maybe there is an advantage to Option 5 I don't fully understand.

I found another thread in which EveAnna Manley and Monster cable also suggest Option 5 (without cap coupling at one end):

Monster cables unbalanced theory

It's a good read although the OP's posts are a bit redundant.

I checked out a reactance chart (nomograph) and if I'm reading it correct a low impedance cable (75, 100, 150 ohms) even at quite high capacitances doesn't start rolling off until quite high frequency. Like, high enough for anyone recording at 44.1khz not to worry about. I may be wrong though but looks that way from what I can see.