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Old 10th June 2006
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I was using a more powerful amp than that into my ns-10's untill recently and it sounded great (the amp in question now powers my main monitors)

A higher powered amp will generally sound better, just be careful not to play your music too loud.

I should be ok to turn down the levels on the amp

Your underpowering question is close but not quite accurate, how it works is with a lesser powered amp the amp will distort more at a lower volume, which could damage the speakers more easily than an undistorted signal of the same level. A distorted waveform is basically not as smooooooth as a non distorted one, and as the speaker tries to move eratically to play the distorted wave accurately it can get damaged. With NS-10 levels I wouldn't imagine this causing over heating, but you could blow your tweeter.

hope that helps