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... Why would I want to go anywhere for second-rate unsigned music.

Most of the good releases appear on Soundcloud... and it's easy to just ignore all the other chaff. Bandcamp is seemingly 99.9% music that can't get signed.

Needlessly hyberbolic. 99.9% "second-rate"? Why do you post like this? It furthers nothing.

For me, I much enjoy Bandcamp more than Soundcloud for the pure pleasure of listening to new music for 4 key reasons:

- they are ordered into albums (and I for one enjoy listening to the classic album form)
- the wave-graphic isn't there (it's too tempting to skip the song when you're seeing the wave-graphic...Bandcamp's simple player system is more conducive to actually listening to the whole piece
- the audio quality is superior
- I've discovered more interesting unsigned artists on Bandcamp than Soundcloud.

A further advantage is without having to pay Bandcamp a fee you can lose the "bandcamp" part of the URL for your profile page.

Here's an example of that from one of my favourite Bandcamp discoveries (certainly not second-rate music and not something I would have found on Soundcloud):

Viandanze | Fabrizio Paterlini