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For me personally, I view Bandcamp at present as a place where artists who aren't signed can go & DIY it.
I know there are some signed & moderately successful artists on BC, I'm just saying that this is my perception, and I expect I'm not alone.
; Soundcloud is where I expect to find artists that I'm into, and via them, find other new artists.
to me soundlcoud is a dumping ground. its like youtube w/o the videos. good for dj mixes though and for all kinds of demos of gear. there's a few things here or there that i come across but i hate looking around there. i don't like the interface. as a social environment it's pretty lousy i think. FB and twitter lead me to more music than soundcloud and soundcloud is full of music.. which is odd.

i think we'll see more and more artists going to bandcamp so long as they aren't tied to a label that doesn't allow them to do so. venetian snares even posted a new release there last month. there is more showing up there all the time.

edit: i guess the point is there are different things for everyone and we aren't all forced to use the same thing. so, options are good.