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Bandwidth is cheap but not free. You want availability; you pay for it. Nothing strange about this.
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it's not cheaper - it's 100% free!

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I'm sure it must cost them an absolute fortune in terms of the HUGE storage they need to keep (Just ONE 24 bit Wav can be well in excess of 100MB), then you've got the bandwidth + upkeep fees on top of that.

Seems to me like the free account is pretty ****ing generous.
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Hmm, I have always thought they were to expensive for the space they offer users. But of course I acknowledge theres a community on there so if you want to pay for that then thats cool.

For some mysterious reason the suggestion of Bandcamp is always ignored.

Let me try again:

- best streaming sound-quality on the web
- unlimited downloads at different qualities (MP3 or WAV's...Bandcamp do all the converting for you, just upload as WAV)
- nice-looking artist-page, split by albums
- no ads, no pro account
- you sell your songs/albums directly off your Bandcamp page, the money goes straight into your Paypal

How do Bandcamp survive? Bandcamp survive by taking a cut off your sales. Like Ebay or Amazon do if you sell your stuff with them.


What Bandcamp doesn't offer is community, which they feel is unnecessary as your Bandcamp page is your artist page. If you want social interaction and promotion-within-community you've got Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, Reverb Nation and the rest. Bandcamp isn't competing with that. It's ostensibly competing with i-Tunes by empowering the artist to decide every aspect.

Read more here:

Frequently Asked Questions | Bandcamp