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i always thought soundcloud only charges for real premium features.

but even the free acc is limited to only 120 minutes upload time for tracks and a maximum of 100 download per track?!?! what the f..........!!!!

so i need at least an solo acc to offer unlimited downloads which is 9 €/month... and so I pay to let others download my tracks for free?!?!? wtf again..

what acc types do you use there and why? slightly ashamed to admit I have 2 active Soundclouds which are already full. They're all gear demos which are useful for other people to find, and I'm not earning anything from them. So I guess for now it's still morally ok for me to open a 3rd account.

I did want to open a paid-for account...until I saw the prices. It does seem a bit steep, especially as I'm not looking to promote myself, rather I just want to put loads of audio-demos of hardware gear out there for people looking to make gear decisions to check out.

What I will do is if and when I want to promote myself and my own proper music I will be happy to pay for the bandwidth and service Soundcloud provide, as it is a tool I'll be using for my own benefit.

Maybe you should consider why it is you're using Soundcloud, then you'll get the answer as to whether it's worth your money.

Alternative: bandcamp is free and very good.