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Old 8th February 2012
Using twisted pair shielded cable for UNbalanced connections

Hi all,

I have a lot of leftover twisted pair shielded cable from when I rewired my composing rig. Really nice stuff from a surplus shop, silver-plated, teflon insulated, low capacitance. It works beautifully for my balanced connections. But now I am wondering if I can use it for unbalanced connections too.

What is the best connection scheme for soldering it to TS plugs in order to minimize the effects of capacitance and maximize the signal integrity?

Option 1) Both conductors to tip, shield to sleeve.

Option 2) 1st conductor to tip, 2nd conductor and shield to sleeve.

Option 3) 1st conductor to tip, 2nd conductor to sleeve, leave the shield disconnected.

Option 4) 1st conductor to tip, 2nd conductor disconnected, shield to sleeve.

Or, should I just forget it and get some decent coax? Thanks!