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Greetings everyone I registered so I could ask this, I am an aspiring mastering engineer. I am 21 years old and soon I am going to be recording a local band because I figure this is probably the best way to get started, then I will see if I can sit in with the mastering engineer when we go to get the album mastered. Just a question for the mastering engineers, where were you in your audio career at around my age, and would you have any advice for me as an aspiring mastering engineer as to things I can do to help me reach my goal of becoming one?

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Sitting in with the mastering engineer is an excellent way to learn, John. When I was 21, I was recording local bands direct to 2 track! There was no remix. That was serious training in all areas, including learning how natural, live music sounds. And when some mastering had to be done (mostly corrective EQ), I learned ALL about the frequency ranges that could be manipulated to improve (or screw up) my own recording, which I knew very well and could easily hear the degradation. I suggest a good exercise for you is to learn to identify each of the bands of a 1/3 octave equalizer blindfolded! That's a good start.