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I'm very curious of this as well.

I wan't to upgrade my DI/reamp gear to be the best because I do a lot of reamping.

Right now I've got Radial JDV and X-Amp but I feel like I'm missing some tone and signal strength when I reamp.

My signal chain when I record the guitar DI is: Guitar (active pickups)-JDV-audient ASP008 pre-Aurora-RME I/O-DAW

Reamp signal chain: DAW-RME I/O-Aurora-X Amp-Amplifier

I started to look at MW1 studio tool. Would it be my choice or would Little Labs redeye be decent enough?
Do I need a passive DI box if I wan't to reamp low gain passive mic guitars? RIght now I mostly reamp high impendance active pickup guitars...