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Hell's Winter is incredible, but...

I totally love Cage's "Hell's Winter", it's probably my favourite HH record in 2005. But there is one unhappy rhyme that literally sends shivers down my spine and makes me feel embarassed:

"... with skanks like Hillary Swank/ no disrespect but your name rhymes homie/ until my final destination death can blow me"

It's as if he concentrated all the mistakes he could in 3 seconds. Why wouldn't he erase the word skanks if he couldn't find one to to rhyme with without having to apologize the following line?

Anyways, everything else in the record is just so good that I guess it's not correct to point out the only thing I don't like. It has some highlights ("Stripes" and "Shoot Frank" for example) that set a new standard, in my humble opinion.

Still, I really can't swallow the goddamn rhyme above...