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Old 7th February 2012
I've heard of rs16x, and I've gone so far as to DL it for future use - but have not had the need to use yet. so can't vouch for it as a good link in the chain.

If you can get a hot swap drive CF, 100% yes, not so easy to find specific ones that do work, and will just get harder to find, as will the Acard scsi to IDE bridges. as said above you can't just stick random ones in and hope for the best, you need to research, once I've got more info will share. guy on link above does have some in stock, I did the testing for him. he only has the non hot swap displayed for sale at the mo as the HS ones are fresh in and he only has a handful.

If you can't - then read all the above and think about if it really services your needs compared to a zip drive.

for me even as non hot swap it was a non brainer. but they are not without their problems, as are zips. think of specifically what your personal workflow (just sampling and using 780meg, or computer access with only 30 meg etc etc) is and apply all the limitations above to figure out whats best for you.

anyone london way needs a hand with this stuff let me know. will always help my 3000 brothers!