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I have two rock mixes right now, each with its own little quirk. The first is just a little hot in the 4 to 5 K range, the lead vocal is overdriven (on purpose) and the lead guitars are real blazing. It's a great mix and seems loud and rockin' even at low volumes. However, for final CD purposes, I'd like to de-harshify it JUST a little bit. The vocal, due to the distortion, needs de-essing but not really at the classic 6K to 8K "ess" range. That's already been hit. It's more like "sh" and "K" and "T" that bite a bit.

The second mix is near perfect, except on SOME speakers the tom hits poke WAY out in the 160 to 200hz range. "Wonky" is the perfect word. Or maybe "tubby". I wasn't hearing this on the speakers I mix on, but I hear it on computer speakers and also on the ADAM S3As we have here.

The solution for both of these will be to use the Weiss EQ Dyn LP that I have wired-up currently. I'll set the latter to "duck" that low frequency only on the tom hits, and the former to dip when those little 4K-ish spikes flare up from the vocals and guitars. I'll be able to set one dynamic band to hit the "essey" stuff and another to smooth those guitars out. If I do it right, the snare won't be adversely affected.

So..."We're off to see the Weiss-ard, the Wonderful Weissard of Dig!"