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Originally Posted by zenkonami
We did try to set the I/O to default, but to no avail. So after playing around with every ridiculous configuration we could come up with, we finally set Hardware Setups to look for 8 channels of ADAT (which we don't have), and then tried setting the I/O to default again. Thanks to sdelsolray's response, we realized that we weren't even *seeing* 17 and 18 until we did that. That (counterintuitively, I might add) did the trick! Thanks for responses, all.

Don't run off yet!!

I tried that and got 17 and 18 to appear, but I'm not still able to record any SP/DIF in. What were your other Hardware settings? Internal, Optical, ADAT, SP/DIF, SP/DIF Mirrored, Tascam, Other?

It keeps coming up with "No active assignments for ins or outs" kind of message.
I know it's something stupid I'm doing (and I'm sure I'll love it once I get it configured right), but this computer stuff makes me crazy every time I add new software.