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Is my behavior capricious??

Hi mates!
first of all please forgive me for any mistakes that I might do due to my English.

I don't know if the "capricious" word is the right one...but I am sure you will understand me.

Here is my situation:
I am a studio owner and engineer.
My studio layout is like this: monitors,LCD's in front and my analog console(soundcraft sapphyre) and rack behind me.
Why i mention this?
Well everytime I have someone in the control ,always they find it nice to sit on the console's armrest.
I am trying to be polite and telling them to sit on the chairs....but they keep sitting on the armrest.
When i am telling again i can see on their faces that they say "ohh what an as.....le"
Another situation is this:
The recording room is on the left side of the CR.There is a door and everytime in the room is someone playing and a producer in the CR the door is opening every time the player does a mistake!!
Again i am trying to be polite and telling the producer "please use the foldback mic or just stay in the studio with the player"
The answer is "oh come on i will buy you a new door"
Always in out in out in out......

My next reaction will be out of control I think, because they don't understand or they are deff!!

Please tell me guys , are these right to be happening or I am the only as....le in this??