thread: are you happy?
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Old 5th September 2002
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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy? I guess so. Got a cool job teaching high school. Buy a new piece of gear once in awhile. Got my first child coming in February. My wife is gorgeous & round.:eek:

I totally know where aj is comin from on that OCD thing about sound, gear, music obsession. Yeah, my wife thinks it's cool that I make/record music, but sometimes my sheer devotion to music leaves her out in the cold. I'll sit for hours reading trade mags, internet newsgroups, and that's not even including the time I spend tracking, mixing, burning, etc., etc.

The wife starts to get lonely. Not only that, but when I obsess over this **** to that extent, I can't sleep well at night, I feel generally more stress, and I neglect other important things in my life.

Yeah Barrett, I'm in the same boat, it's just that my wife hasn't decided to dump me yet. . .she's needy.heh