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True class a preamplifier from buzz audio.


The Elixir - warm, sweet, liquid.

Buzz Audio, a New Zealand based manufacturer of high end analogue recording equipment announces the release of a new microphone and instrument preamplifier, the ELIXIR. The ELIXIR is designed to fit into the popular API(TM) 500 Series rack format and features a transformerless mic input using the proprietary Buzz Audio True Class A Amplifier technology coupled with a high specification Swedish Lundahl(TM) output transformer.

The sound of the ELIXIR preamplifier is best described as "warm sweet and liquid" with the Lundahl output transformer adding a subtle amount of low frequency colour to the pristine midrange and top end characteristic of the Buzz Audio True Class A electronics.

The ELIXIR features up to 70dB of microphone gain, a massive +34dBu of output level before clipping, a very low -132.5dB EIN noise level and an ultra wide frequency response out to 300kHz!. Controls include a handy output mute switch, high and low input impedance selection plus the usual phase change, input pad and phantom power switching. A front panel 1/4" jack allows for the amplification of all instrument and keyboard types via the on board "boot strapped FET" high to low impedance convertor.

The Buzz Audio ELIXIR offers the user a modern, fast sound and adds yet another option in the growing number of preamplifiers becoming available for the 500 Series format. Future True Class A 500 Series products from Buzz Audio (to be released in 2006) include a Light Dependant Compressor and Parametric Equaliser.

Contact; Tim Farrant
Managing Director
Buzz Audio Ltd
PO Box 6677
Wellington 6035
Telephone 64+4+385.2478
[email protected]
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