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Old 8th June 2006
Talking Podcast rig advice please


I want to do some podcasts so all you gearslutz can get the scoop on new gear coming out. Plus some VIP interviews with producers..

I need some advice..

Here is the gear I have that may be usefull for this.

Ipod mini
Apple G4 Ibook 600
Treo 650 phone with 2 gig memory card
Enclosed Beyer DT250 headphones, Ipod headphones

What I hope to have:

The possibility of two clip on mic's (one for me as interviewer, one for interviewee..) (is this a bad idea?)
Ability to have headphones for myself so I can monitor the interviews
Fast transfer to mac to edit
Edit software (do I need to use PT)
Fast ability to upload via FTP

Please configure my ideal remote Podcast interview rig..!!

Suggestions for...

Recorder (use laptop? Doesn't seem so convenient.. something handheld might be better) (remember.. I want to be able to monitor the audio 'live' via headphones as I record it
Edit software

Thanks in advance