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Old 8th June 2006
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The function, if I didn't make it clear in other posts is the Bit and Statistics function. Under MME it reads constant Validity Bit errors, and flutters with errors when receiving signal.

Am I understanding you correctly?

Are you saying that the reason you sent the fireface back is because a function in digicheck (which is like bonus software) didn't work correctly?

(I might have missed something here)

Before I bought a Fireface I had a motu product. There was a significant problem with there asio driver. (asio driver wouldn't work properly under most hosts, if connected to an external clock) It took me several months with tech support (waiting weeks between emails, and all I really got was no conclusive admission of a problem) It took a year and a half for them to update the driver and fix the problem!!

I don't think an immediate email with what they thought was a fix (the beta driver) is to bad, or two weeks for them to admit there is a problem, and with my experience with them I'd give them a couple more weeks to have it fixed.

I have reported a bug to them before and had it fixed in a day!

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to minimize your problem I'm just saying if I'm understanding you correctly, There was a problem, and within a couple weeks you have them working on a fix. Compared to most companies that is stellar service.

Also If you had posted here or in the rme forum and asked for previous drivers many users (myself included) would have gladly given you older drivers (I always save them for some strange reason).

I hope you get an interface that you are pleased with.