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Originally Posted by The Real MC View Post
Yes a Twin will break up.

Depends on which era Twin.

In the order of less breakup to more:

Silverface master volume > Silverface non-master > post-CBS blackface > pre-CBS blackface > Tan tolex > Tweed

The silverface Twins are the best match to the Rhodes as they were made during the same era. In the early 80s they made a 185 watt "Super Twin" that had ultra-linear output transformers which were really clean and really loud. Bet that was popular during the balls-to-the-walls heavy metal overdrive days

My personal favorite Rhodes amp is my "croc-skin" Selmer Twin Thirty. It's thirty watts used only for recording but really unique sound, really cleans up the mud and creates a nice dynamic timbre that is controllable from your fingers.
Any distortion in the low register on the Selmer? How does it compare on the top end? More or less bite than others mentioned?