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Old 8th June 2006
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okay.. The DMP3 isn't bad.. but it definately isn't a coloured pre.. but.. Colour and valves don't always go together.. infact alot of the high end valve gear is known for being quite transparent..

however.. if you do want a coloured pre for vocals in that sort of price range.. your best bet is the VTB-1.. It'd be worth swapping the valve in it out for something nicer too (this is quite simple to do)

The other things that often lack in "warmth" in budget setups are converters and mics.. I havent used the octopre.. so I have no idea what the converters in it are like.. do some research.. if people don't like them it might be worth looking into getting a 2 channel AD converter for vocals.

What mics are you using?.. if you using something such as a Rode or studio projects (which tend to have quite exagerated high ends) then that might explain some of your feeling that there isn't enough warmth.

As I say to everyone recording on a buget (and alot of people off a budget :p) don't discount Dynamic mics for vocals!.. in the cheaper price ranges the ones that realy stand out to me are the Beyer soundstar MKII (no longer in production), the SM7b (you can pick these up pretty cheap in america at the moment.. needs a pre with quite abit of gain though) and the beyer M88.