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M-Audio DMP-3 or not???

I am looking to possibly buy a new lower end preamp for mostly acoustic guitars, bass and vocals. I have been using the only thing available which is a Focusrite Octopre 8-channel digitally into an 002r. I am getting of course useable results but I am looking for a lower end pre that might be able to help me warm the sound a little bit. The focusrite sounds fine, but it definitely does not have the warmth i'm looking for especially for vocals.

So, from advice from another post I am contemplating the M-Audio DMP-3 with an FMR RNC to go with it. I am wanting something that is Dual Channel so the M-Audio fits that and I've heard that it does well for the money. However, I know that it is not tube so what I want to know is whether I should just stick with the octopre for now?? Or has anyone used the focusrite and compared it to lower end pre's???

I also had some advice that a Studio Projects VTB-1 might not be a bad idea and that might help with the tube sound but again am I gaining much in terms of quality preamps by moving away from the focusrite??