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Originally Posted by [email protected]
The thing is that if I open 1 x 1073 and then try to open an 1176 on my HD system, the error occur! It doesn't overload the card at all, it just doesn't work in conjunction with any other UA plug on the card. 4x 1073 no worries, 1 x 1073 and 1 x 1176 not at all! Does it do the same thing with you or it's just me?
Sorry, but I haven't bought the 1073 so I can't duplicate your test exactly. However, I certainly have had different plugs open in the same sessions (1176, LA-2A, Dimension D) without any issue. I just can't go above 5 or so instances (which is no more than 50% or so on the UAD meter) without getting PCI spikes. Sounds like you may have a different problem...