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Originally Posted by guinsu
I really liked Full Collapse and loved War All The Time (heck, I even liked thir low budget first realease from 98) but the new album was really off both songwriting and production wise. I didn't like the sound at all and I didn't listen to it over and over like I did the last album. Part of the problem is the music, it seems they changed their sound, but not in a very good direction. The arrangements and the mixing are also very cluttered. I hope their next release is better.
agreed. when those demos came out, i was soooo pumped. they were dry and pretty much unmixed, but the actual music itself was great. they made a lot off changes in this record for the worse, IMO.

and about trashing the record, its just opinions. so a lot of people thought the band and producer could have done a much better job. we're not ganging up on anyone. we jsut all happen to agree that we dont like the sound. the one thing i ALWAYS keep in mind about the music industry, is EVERYTHING is subjective. there is not right and wrong. everything is an opinion. albums sell by what the listener likes, and we're all listeners who happen to have the same opinion on this record. to say that we could do better just means that in our heads, we know we can do what we want to make it sound more pleasing to us. i would have used less effects, for starters. would that make it better overall? i dont know. would i enjoy it more? yes.