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Trevor Cronin!!!

Excellent to see you here.

I have a few suggestions for Japan.
One of our associates has built two and worked on many mobile units in Japan.

My buddy Kazutaka Noda designed two NHK mobiles.
One has a 48 channel NEVE VR Legend with a 14 channel Studer 962.
The other mobile unit has a 56 channel SSL9000J with a bunch of outboard pres and such. From what I understand two of NHK's mobile units are available for hire via sister company. Their other mobiles are in use by the Japanese government. Or something to that effect.

Sound Creators, Inc. have 5 mobiles and have a lot of portable equipment via their rental department. My buddy, Kaz Noda knows a few of the folks at SCI. There's a GS member that works or worked at SCI. If you search this forum with the words "Seuol Korea" you should find the thread with that guys information. You can send him a PM.

TAMCO is also available in Japan. They have 4 mobiles. Kaz has worked with them many times.

West Lake Recording have a NEVE truck. Very professional situation but, a little more expensive than the others. I don't have a link for them.

Let's not forget NHK Technical Services. That's the company my buddy Kaz worked for. They have two mobiles for rental.

From what I understand, those are the main mobile recording companies in Japan. There are others but, not as happening as the ones I already mentioned.
There are more than 10 mobile recording facilities plus a bunch of portable rigs that range from TASCAM DTRS to ProTools. A variety of mic pres and all the other goodies are also available.

I hope this helps...

Thanks again for visiting the "Remote Possibilities in Acoustic Music & Location Recording" forum.