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I do my automation in the DAW (DP5) and set the board's (Midas Venice 320) faders where they are needed. I guess you'd say that I am using DP5 as a multitrack that edits real well and has level automation built in. Still, the faders end up around sero.

When I used our smaller Venice 240 (20 faders) I grouped things and subbed them out of the DAW (then DP4.) I did EQ some stuff in DP4's mixer, too. I don't mind DP's EQ, but I can do more with a good analog EQ. This especially true for things like drums. If I really need to tweak I have a pair of Sphere 920s which are inductor based 10 band graphics.

The level changes due to automation in DP5 don't bother me when it comes to compression (1176 or dBx165.) I never thought about it, but then again, I don't do huge level changes in automation. Come to think of it, they really help keep the vocal (or whatever I am compressing) closer to a constant level for the compressor to see.

Truthfully, by the time I get everything set up during mix the faders are close to being set at "zero" anyways. The "classic" way to set proper gain stageing has been to set your faders at zero and adjust the input trim to make the signal sit at the proper level on the channel. I don't set up mixes this way, but after enough years of mixing it usually ends up this way.

Danny Brown