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I haven't done a huge amount of mixing on my Daking console yet, but so far I set the song to where I think everything should go on the board with basic levels and EQ. Write down the settings, and take a digital photo. Then I add automation from the DAW. I haven't had the balls to ride faders or anything yet. But if I have a raw rock band in I may do that in the near future. Sounds like fun anyway. I'm generally a control freak though, so the hybrid thing works out.

By the way, I'm mostly bouncing outboard one track at a time. I really like doing it that way. I find for example having an 1176 on the lead vox while mixing is difficult if you automate the level because the input level going to the compressor changes. I prefer to bounce, then automate. It adds an extra conversion, but to me it still sounds better. Plus I get to use my La-2a and 1176 on several sources. Maybe save the 1176 for the bass at mix time since it will generally have less automation.