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The Schoeps are stunning, accurate mics. For the $$, on OHs, you had better be doing something STUNNING. (Got a lot of hand percussion? Congas, tombas, tympani? really well tuned set with a jazz player? Then OK, spend the dough . Otherwise...personally, I'd get a matched pair of ribbons to do OHs AND guitars, unless you track them together. It just seems that you are looking for VALUE (Peluso) and the Schoeps is a name mic with a name price... around 3k for a matched pair. Don't get me wrong, they are wonderful...but seem to be a different style than your other choices.

As far as vox & guitar, I adore the AEA mics, though I was quite impressed by the Royer active ribbon on guitar cab when it was baffled on the backside (making it inherently cardioid).

Hope this helps.