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I'll trade you a pair of SR20s for a pair of KM84s!

Personally, I like the KM84 for OH and HiHats!

SR20s, SR30s, KM184s, Senn MKH40s, AKG 414ULS (or any old school, pre-Harman 414s).

Nothing wrong with the old standby: Shure SM81s, AKG 451s, 391s, 460/ck1s were OH mics for a SLEW of albums in the 80s and 90s (Blue line did not come out until around '92).

You got great advice so far (Josephson, Gefell, Avenson are all great mics) but you have to decide if you want cardioid or omni first!

There is a lot in the used market- start your searching!

Hope this helps!