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I used to buy one a week. FOLLY! Now I only have a couple that keep hanging around.

Since I play bass in my live band I still get to keep up with the boutique stuff whenever one of the guitarists goes crazy....

I love all the Keeley modded stuff. Its so quiet and full sounding. The OCD is a killer thing to step on.

I love Carl Martin stuff for myself. I have a Red Repeater and a Compressor/Limiter. No wall wart. A real regulated supply on the comp and it sounds a lot like a studio rack unit. I also recently bought a VHT V-Drive. Quiet and subtle but great variety.

Then I've kept a few gems over the years. Theres the first issue Boss OD-1 I bought brand new in 1979. Still sounds great. Beat beyond belief, never failed me. I have a couple 'other' hidden gems but I'll keep them secret as I still want to be able to buy em on the net for a couple of bucks. Suffice to say when they are fitted with tru-bypass they sound as good or better than any modern boutique pedal made today.

Ya gotta try em all to find em though....

I dont feel the need to use a pedal to get my sound. The VHT PittBull does a great job for most sounds and the quality guitars make it a lot easier. Pedals are simply a quick enhancement for a moment of something different on-stage.