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Old 5th June 2006
I kept thinking I'd heard that precise type of sound before so I kept racking my brain.

And I finally remembered where... but it ended up being a bit of an open end...

It wasn't a digital device at all.

It was a "pro" Superscope "broadcast quality" battery-powered over the shoulder cassette recorder, circa 1980 - and it would develop a sound just like that, over and over. I took it into the shop 3 or 4 times before I sidelined the thing. (It was a pretty interesting deck -- it was pretty much the only cassette deck I've seen that had separate record and repro heads [in the same itty bitty head shell]... I used to use it for very fast slapback echo [I mentioned they were jammed in tight, yeah?]... the static sound... well... my reverb was the spring verb from my guitar amp. Nuff said, yeah?)

When they fixed it, seems like they used to itemize it as ground strap adjustment... which I assume was the motor ground strap (which, could, after all, account for a quasi-rhythic static/ticking similar to what you have.)

Obviously, there's no motor in your 828.

BUT there are probably motors hooked up to things that are hooked electrically (signal, USB or FW data cable, whatever) to your 828.

But, really, a clock issue could cause a quasi-rhythmic ticking/static, as well.

Bottom line... I'm quasi-stumped. Make that close to completely.

But maybe this post will serve as a bump and someone with an actual clue will see this and jump in to help... heh