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Old 20th January 2012
The sustain conversation lacks any real world use. It's a bull**** marketing guitarist mumbo jumbo. I can't even count the records I've recorded on or the tours/gigs I've done at this point... Not once has someone asked me to switch guitars for more sustain!! They've asked for less twang, more twang, softer, trashy, etc... All kinds of adjectives.

I also find most people that are obsessed with sustain play with a lot of distortion and compression and don't hold a note long enough to get the full benefits of added sustain.

There is a lot of sustain in your fingers. I never even consider that when I'm picking a guitar for a session. It's more about the tone. Put me in front of a great amp. I'll push it and get all the sustain you'll ever need. Also whenever I've talked to other pro guitarists this never comes up. Never.