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Which one benchmark adc1 or larvy blue

The converters im using now are in my Roland mixer vm7200 and they are not that good. Im not looking for best, decent converters. I listaned to a 24bit wave file 44100 of a benchmark. I liked the color but i dont know if it was the adc1 or a benchmark dac. And herd Also a larvy blue but that was mp3 and i really could not tell the color.

LArvy blue and benchmark adc1 users tell you throughts im going to clock the board from the converter clock also. I record gutairs and synths alot. But i want a nice midrage present. Can you post some 24bit 44100 waves for me please. if you can thx.

I did here mytek mp3 but did not really like it. But that was a mp3.