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Rosetta 800 w/firewire vs Ensemble

So i stupidly sold my Digi002R at the beginning of this month to a friend, in hopes that the Apogee Ensemble would ship... well we were all hoping for it shipping in like Feb, March, April, May, or now June, but i'm betting on more like July now. Maybe they should team up with Benchmark to make a A/D converter/preamp that ships.... well later than everyone in the world would expect of course!

Anyway, the used prices for a Rosetta 800 seem to be somewhere between 2100-2500 on eBay pretty consistently. What's the Ensemble going to run? Around 2K after taxes?

So the price seems pretty close in some ways. Obviously, the Rosetta needs the FW card, and doesn't have it's own preamps (i've been wanting to build the SCA preamps forever anyway), so the cost does rise a bit, but still they aren't leagues away from each other, and the Rosetta is readily available. While no one outside of Apogee has been able to do a really good double blind test of the Rosetta vs the Ensemble and others, the Rosettas sound great today, and they will sound great tomorrow. Should I just go with the Rosetta, or wait until the Rapture for the Ensemble to come out alongside Duke Nukem Forever (computer game that's been in production since 1997 or so)