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I'm 90% the way through installing a internal NON hotswap CF reader in my 3.11os 3000 classic. I got mine working, but my old floppy drive had its screw holes in different places so need to drill holes in the CF>IDE adapter reader so I can leave my 3000 untouched. installing this consumed my last month or so and I found a lot of info to be pure myth...

seriously, if you've not got 3.5os (many don't) I'd think twice. ESP if you are gonna want to be transfering a ton of samples MPC>computer.

I'm currently working on a detailed how to guide (with pics) for those you want to go this route, eventually I'll make a PDF of it, or post of a blog or something.

here is the info I gave to someone via a PM recently (see LONG post below), it needs work, it doesn't at the mo cover ALL details needed but it may get you started, or make you decide to just use ZIP+MPC editor to save you £100 and a ton of you time <<with CF (non hot swap) or ZIP (hot swap)>> if you read though this lot you will find you only get 30meg, YES 30 meg, if you want to use MPC editor, the only decent software about for backing up and converting file types etc etc) otherwise yeah you got 780meg of space on CF card in 30meg partitions (no other formatting options exist), but you can't back up that amount or hotswap (even without MPC Editor max any computer is gonna see is first 30meg partition), have a think about how little that actually lets you do with a 3000 - resist asking detailed questions as I'll be doing what I said above within the next month or so.


I'm learning this all as i go, I'm 90% there, got internal working and found what seems for now to be a good CF card (lexar 133x 1GB CF). my CF>IDE tray has different screw holes to my old floppy drive so I need to drill the tray, getting that done this week. i had some help with finding parts, so wasn't on my own - I'm far from expert on this stuff

over next few months I'll be making 'how to guide' covering all needed info - the below is just for starters to get peeps on the right road

first up, the raw facts incase you don't know, treat this as a WARNING section:
regarding MPC 3000's with 3.11OS (or any non 3.5OS)

1) the 60+3000 are what seems just about one of the most fussy samplers for using an external or internal CF out there, compared to later Akai S Series/EMU/Ensoniq samplers at any rate.
2) there is one known external known to work - but its REAL rare! see near bottom of this starter guide - since has gone people are getting hold of Acard scsi to IDE bridge AEC-7720U (NOT the one with W on the end I've been told) and CF>IDE adapter tray + needed cables (see below)
3) NO hot swapping of CF cards without 3.5OS, disk MUST be inserted and removed with machine switched OFF. CORRECTION, LOOKS LIEK THIS ISN'T TRUE SEE MY MORE RECENT POST BELOW
2) even once ANY reader is installed or used externally you can only ever read 780 meg on ANY size of card (in a ton of 30meg partitions NOT one block) - when it comes to transfering to PC/MAC your computer NOT see the MPC formatted disc - if you format with MPC Editor you only have 1x30meg block that can be seen on the MPC+computer
3) without MPC Editor your computer will actually corrupt your CF card!! so resist ramming card with samples until you got a tried and tested method with a working card). you can format the CF in MPC editor first then use in the 3000, but THEN you'll only have one 30meg partition on the whole card even if its a 1GB/2GB/4GB

this might be useful - use with care!!

4) firmware on Acard or external drive needs to be taken into account - you can change this yourself, but easier not to... Acard 3.75 firmware is working for me, see below 3.79 might work too
5) not all brands of CF even work with the CF>IDE adapter - there are many variations of this adapter and variations of CF cards themselves, with mine currently Lexar 133x 1GB is working, transcend doesn't, doubt kingston will - possibly SanDisk Ultra II or III might work, will test those next.
6) can you handle your 3000 being out of action for a month while you go through all this?

3.5OS sorts a lot of the above problems - use more types of CF card, you can see ALL partitions on MOST computers with a hell of a lot less hassle, you can use hotswap Spyrus drives (if you can find one - RARE). But, even though the 3.5OS website site is online the owner is currently awol, do not buy until people on confirm he is back in the picture - when he does the 3000 community will rejoice, and we all wish him good health.

still want drive for your 3.11 OS MPC3000?? then read further.

using Acard scsi bridge and CF>IDE adapter tray:
3 x types of installation
a) what I've done: JUST an internal CF drive by taking the scsi connection inside the machine - did this as I've got nothing on zip worth worrying about, and I got the 3000 on a QL-400 stand on wheels so want no external anyway - PLUS its less strain on the 3000's crappy cheap scsi fuse. you need a CF>IDE adapter tray + the Acard scsi to IDE bridge talking about in link below do (NOT use yamaha bridge) + cables in thread below - female molex to male floppy is hardest to come by so many people solder their own, I didn't know how so got someone else to do it.
b) installation with internal drive AND external scsi port - only slightly more complication to fit, and at least 1 extra cable needed - you need need to make sure you internal and external as different scsi ID, blowing scsi fuse is an issue of not full clued on what you are doing - most parts same as a)
c) the IDE CF reader + Acard mentioned in a) housed in a enclosure to use as a external drive. involves other stuff I don't know about. advantages of this are less tinkering inside your 3000 and still being able to use zip as and when you need IF you need.

use this thread below as a guide for parts (read whole thing!!), they are in ref to 60, SHOULD be ok for 3000 not 100% sure - and DL the PDF I posted to mike near end of thread, its the install guide that came with drive (he is awol out of business at the mo - and not posting support on these forums). shows him doing option b).

firmware and parts
Akai MPC Forums - what ACARD firmare for MPC 3000? : MPC3000, MPC60

Akai MPC Forums - what ACARD firmare for MPC 3000? : MPC3000, MPC60

some info knocking about here too:

Akai MPC Forums - SUCCESS!!! Internal card reader in 3k! : MPC3000, MPC60

only one 'off the shelf' CF external known to work with 3.11os - but now they are seriously RARE!!!!!!!!!:

its SCM/Intermart/Microtech PCD-25 - def works, possibly firmware issues now and again not sure but its THE most reliable drive for 3000 known to man at this point - rare though! Akai S series / EMU owners got there early and cleared the global stock.

PCD-15 with right firmware, but seems 8ish out of 10 times it doesn't work.

all other PCD models DO NOT WORK - Spryrus only with 3.5OS


updating a good EMU rack sampler with CF (a LOT easier than in a 3000 to my knowledge, finding working parts is easier), then just using the 3000 to control it.

or MPC 4000/2500/5000 :D

even the 2000XL is easier to install CF in than the 3000 and they are hotswap and other stuff.. .

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