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I mean that I've provided one situation in several posts. In post 218 I've tried to clarify it. Pictures and all.
And a simple geometric path calculation won't provide the answer for what's being measured.
As simple as that. I thought I was being very clear by now.
Can you please explain to me why you feel that the illustrations in post 220 (now 218) is incorrect or not valid?

The image source model is the most commonly used method to calculate the effects of early reflections but also modal behaviour. The results generated by the standard frequency based modal calculation has often been compared to that of the image source method and assuming enough images is taken into the calculation, the results are very similar. If you have doubts about the result of the ISM, you also question the result of frequency based modal calculation ... do you? If you feel there’s a better method to simulate these things, I would love to hear about it so that I can add it to my spread sheet …

If the results from ISM is incorrect, how do you justify the existents of software using it?