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Old 4th September 2002
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for myself .... am I happy ???

BIG family tragedy about 6 years ago dragged me into the dark ages of life.

Became the most extreme form of workaholic .... lost track of everything in life except my work.

It took me more then 4 years untill one night I started talking to this complete stranger on the internet. I did that night what I had forgotten to do .... communicate with the outside world.

Today I am happily divorced .... and I mean that in it's most pure sence. My ex and I had a very good divorce .... in complete understanding for each other. Focussing on the one thing that's important. Our 2 boys. We get along fine and keep working to keep it that way. It isn't easy to be happily divorced but we told ourselves that it can be done. Rather have the boys see their parents get along fine living apart then having them fighting all the time living together was the motive behind the divorce.

That stranger on the internet has now become my Girlfriend. She's moving to Belgium in January.

Am I happy .... except for loosing my mom in that big tragedy and wanting to do very nasty things to the guy who is to blame for pulling the trigger ..... yes .... I am very happy now.

Still in search for the perfect balance between work and personal life at times .... but yes .... I wake up feeling good these days ... thank you.