thread: are you happy?
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Old 4th September 2002
After 2 and a half year with the blues about an ex girlfriend, I have recently snapped myself out of it and hooked up with a girl at the Reading Rock festival and we are starting to ...... sort of date. First base feels good after nearly 3 years on the bench!

Not drinking or taking drugs for 7 years make euphoria er.... rare & highly prized.. uh....

Having designed various contracts with a lawyer, I feel more at ease that if a jackpot band DOES come in. I wont be bummed if they 'make it big' (I reccomend this highly Alpha) If 'relaxed' leads to happy, I am 'relaxed' more because of this...

I am getting to upgrading gear, by trading **** in... I feel this healthier than just buying more.

My gear buying has slowed down somewhat. I feel my gear buying may have been somewhat financially reckless up to this point, I am trying to keep it in check.

I have all I need to record a band. That is bottom line. THIS makes me very happy. I feel I am VERY fortunate in that respect.

Generally happy? Not too bad. As Pete Towndsend once said re emerging from his wild and damaging oblivion seeking days "I learned that not EVERY day had to be the best most AMAZING day ever"

Balance is the key, I attempt to get close to a balance during my instictive meander through life but more often than not, I very far away from it indeed.

Alpha you will make a Buddist of me yet!

Take care, keep an even keel, dont falter.