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I've read several books and articles over the years about it. The one I actually found most interesting was by a doctor who did a study and was basically able to "record" the exact sound of your tinnitus and put it onto a CD. Then by listening to a CD of your tinnitus for an amount of time would provide you with X number of minutes of relief. The concept was not that the tinnitus would be gone, but it would trick you into thinking it's gone.
What you are talking about is something called residual inhibition, and its basically exposing the brain to the sound, so it get inhibited to the tinnitus, it would be like if you are in a very cold weather, and you take a bath of cold water, your body will feel like the cold weather is suddenly not that cold anymore, another example would be using a condom hehheh

Anyway, users report it only provides a couple of minutes, or even less, very few report long term benefits, and in fact its sometimes worse because it makes you more aware of your tinnitus after it comes back.