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A worthy thread to be bumped back up I think

I'm seeing my consultant again in about 10 days time to get the results of my MRI scan.

Has anyone here ever taken a drug called Serc-16?. Active ingredient name is betahistine dihydrochloride.

It's normally given to menieres diseases sufferers. Supposed to help improve the blood circulation to the vessels in the ear.

I was prescribed this as something else to try in the meantime. Just took my first pill. On the plus side the sound does seem a bit smoother and more balanced, but on the negative its actually made me feel quite nauseus :/

Not really sure if its worth it to continue but I'll give it a while longer.

Wonder if anyone else had experience with this drug, pros n cons...
Some posts ago i mentioned an experimental drug that seems to get rid of tinnitus, more info here:
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