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Here for the gear
Hum Issue (assuming ground)

Product: FP10 w/ S/PDIF separated with tape
Chain: FP10 > TRS - XLR > Yamaha HS50M
Power Setup: Furman SS-6B Steel Power Strip, 6 Outlets, 15 Foot Power Cord, Standard Level Power Conditioning, PC, Monitors, FP10, Display
Issue: Ground Hum
What I've noticed: w/ Firewire connected (hum)
w/ Firewire connected (no hum

I am losing my mind....any help is appreciated...

oh, the Power Supply for the FP10..

MODEL: U150200AA4
INPUT: 120VAC 60Hz 0.4A
OUTPUT: 15VAC 2000mA

again Thank you to everyone who HAS or WILL post.....