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... in the days before digital distribution the spending for "chart position" was called "product promotion" which has been practiced by every label that ever released an artist at any time... as these bands you've never heard of are for all intents and purposes their own "indie label" they're just doing whatever they can to promote their product.

As they promote... guess what - they sell more... which leads to better "chart position". Think about it - after you see the names of these artists on the RevebNation charts - you've heard of them [even if you haven't heard them]. If it weren't for a "product promotion" campaign... you'd have never heard of Led Zeppelin, or Boston, or Marvin Gaye. If it there had been a proper "product promotion" campaign you would have heard of "Farrenheit", "Duke and the Drivers" or the "John Eddy Band".

Nothing is really different... only the scale is smaller... and the "grand prize" a fair measure less lucrative

Fletcher, first of all it was great to meet you years ago at some random tradeshow, you are a baddass... but I gotta disagree what you are saying.. no this isn't the "same game" on a smaller scale... what Reverbnation does is called "selling the dream"... and the VAST majority of these bands at #1 aren't selling S**T!!!!

They get to this #1 position by playing the game of adding EVERYONE they can, and they just based on sheer #'s, and maybe by paying a little bit, they get the chart position... but Reverbnation is not radio, Fletcher, the difference is that fans don't listen to Reverbnation... the only people really on Reverbnation are other bands... seriously...

I get the philosophy of "paying your way"... trust me... the rap labels I do most of my work for all have publicists, spend money on radio, tours, etc. BUT REVERBNATION IS NOT AN AVENUE, IT IS A CASH GRAB, making money off people with the exact sentiment you have... but the people don't realize they are putting the money in the wrong spot, they need to put it into SEO, targetted ads, banners, in other words, THINGS THAT ACTUALLY WORK..