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I guess I should mention that I have tried running through a budget mixer (made it sound worse) and I have briefly tried a couple of analog summing devices. I wasn't impressed with them. Not knocking them... just not seeing the bang for the buck when what I really want is something I can dial in per track and then run on the master if need be, so could buy two really high quality channels of my exact flavor for same or less.

Not a huge believer in the actual summing part needing to be analog from my trials.

I am, however, a big believer in what some of the analog components can impart.

As for the line level stuff, I'm basically looking for the sound of something like a classic console channel, some big ole trannies, and the ability to get a little of the hot fader type saturation if need be, or a cleaner tone, but still with the sort of tape head/ transformer rounding of transients.

Also reading up on MP2NV. A bit confused by the patch points. Is there anything like this that lets you just run line level through for the electronics as well?