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OK- this one's really rough. Just a structure, really. No melodies/lyrics yet - these will likely be worked on by all three members of a band I'm in.

In the interest of discussing process:

- I really like ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid". I wanted something kinda sorta like it. Listened to the song once as a refresher, aped the overall vibe/structure as quickly as I could, obviously not being too precious about it.

- I programmed the basic drum beat using samples I recorded years ago

- Put down the guitar track. I had the riff/verse/chorus ideas, but I improvised the middle section.

- Put down the bass.

- Put down the Juno "lead" (haha)

- Put in the crashes, did a few edits in the drums

- Did the little "mute/stutter" edits toward the end

The writing/demoing process, so far, is at about 45 minutes.

Feel free to chime in, I'd love to hear opinions about the process and the music.
Not exactly sure what you're trying to go with this. . . It doesn't sound like much of anything yet to be honest. Perhaps use a synth or guitar to at least write the melodies for now though. . . And figure out a way with the chords to create more contrast between sections? (Are there chords going on here?)

Also, again, I know we're not supposed to speak of production. But those sounds are all very "small", having been to Austin plenty, I know you nice folks like what I might think of as weird rock 'n roll stuff, but why this very low-fi sound?

Just thoughts, don't let me get in the way of you doing what you're into, don't second guess yourself if it's not necessary to do so,