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I liked that, quite a lot. Really nice.

It is difficult to suggest anything different, it is nice as a just a guitar. Maybe add an organ somewhere, low in the mix, towards to end maybe to lift it a little. The only thing with an arrangement like that is that there is a danger of it getting a little boring by the end, to be honest though this didn't, not to me anyway. The chorus is a nice melody and tends to keep it moving forward nicely.

I can't decide whether I think your verse needs something a little different. Each time, on the last line I had the feeling it was too repetitive, it was the same melody as the line before it. But then the chorus came and I decided it worked, but weirdly every time it came back to the verse i had the same feeling.

Dunno, the only thing I can take from that is that it is a bloody good chorus I guess.

Nice job.
Well, thanks. I guess there are two directions I could take it. Or three, if you count just leaving it like that and recording it better. The other two are

1. Bringing in a second acoustic guitar, maybe capoed at the 5th or 7th fret, and maybe a single harmony a third above the main vocal, towards the end. I also wondered about a harmonica or pump organ somewhere.

2. Going in the direction of Wilco's FAR, FAR AWAY, which I do think is a fantastic song and wonderful example of roots/country/pop arrangement. I particularly love the switch from 4/4 into 3/4 for the bridge.

Edit -- Oh yeah, and that is an interesting idea about the melody on the last line of the verse. It could go up, or there could be harmony that went up there to lead you into the next section. Good idea.