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This is a one-take acoustic demo of a sad little song I wrote in the fall. I'm still kind of pondering how it should be arranged, or if it should just stay as a simple G&G track. Opinions welcome.
I liked that, quite a lot. Really nice.

It is difficult to suggest anything different, it is nice as a just a guitar. Maybe add an organ somewhere, low in the mix, towards to end maybe to lift it a little. The only thing with an arrangement like that is that there is a danger of it getting a little boring by the end, to be honest though this didn't, not to me anyway. The chorus is a nice melody and tends to keep it moving forward nicely.

I can't decide whether I think your verse needs something a little different. Each time, on the last line I had the feeling it was too repetitive, it was the same melody as the line before it. But then the chorus came and I decided it worked, but weirdly every time it came back to the verse i had the same feeling.

Dunno, the only thing I can take from that is that it is a bloody good chorus I guess.

Nice job.